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For easier development, we provide a customized version of the cross-platform text editor SciTE. The IDE consists of a single executable (for Windows) and some supplementary files that define how the editor has to deal with Scrupp files. While the executable only works on Windows, the property files work with SciTE on Linux (and maybe Mac OS X) as well.


  • syntax highlighting
  • auto-completion
  • calltips that show the arguments of functions provided by Scrupp
  • easy execution of scripts by pressing F5


Autocompletion with SciTE Calltips automatically show function parameters Script Execution


ZIP archives containing all necessary files for Windows are available at

No installation is required. Just unpack the archive and start the executable.

The editor executable, that is contained in the ZIP file, was downloaded from the official SciTE download page where it is available as "single file executable".


The file contains the path to scrupp.exe (near the end of the file). Change it appropriately, otherwise the execution of script files will not work!

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Last modified Sat Oct 30, 2010