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The latest stable release of Scrupp is version 0.4.

If possible, we recommend to use the development version instead, because it includes bugfixes and many new features.

Stable Release



Mac OS X

Older Releases

Get all public releases from the download page.

Development Version

The source code of Scrupp is managed using SVN. You can browse the repository online. The latest developer version can be downloaded using the following instruction:

svn checkout scrupp

Windows Binaries

The latest SVN revisions are available as pre-built binaries for Windows at (newest version at the top)

Mac OS X Binaries

The support of the Mac OS X platform is very time-consuming. Nevertheless, we provide pre-built universal binaries of the development versions of Scrupp at (newest version at the top)

These archives only include the application bundle ( which already contains the default extension scripts and the fonts. The examples have to be downloaded separately using SVN as described above.


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