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Scrupp overview


Scrupp is a 2D engine. It consists of a core written in C which uses several SDL libraries and OpenGL to display the content. The core exports functions to the easy to learn Lua programming language. One writes its application using Lua. The result works without changes on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

The main aim is to make the core as small and orthogonal as possible. It currently supports:

  • Mouse and keyboard control
  • Image loading and displaying
  • Image compositing using Cairo and the Lua library lua-oocairo by Geoff Richards
  • Sound and music
  • Movie playback
  • TrueType fonts
  • Network communication using the Lua library LuaSocket by Diego Nehab
  • Loading applications from archives: Just put every ressource in a zip file.

Higher functionalities (e.g. animations) are implemented as plugins in Lua.

Scrupp is free software and is available under the same terms and conditions as the Lua language, the MIT license.


Currently, Scrupp v0.4 is the third public release. It has alpha status. Scrupp is developed on Linux. Versions for Windows and Mac OS X (universal) are available.


September, 28th, 2012

We added a new Lua library to Scrupp!

LuaGL allows direct access to OpenGL functionality from Lua/Scrupp. You can find more information on LuaGL's website.

Example script

February, 21st, 2012

The source code repository contains two example scripts showing the usage of the physics library Chipmunk. The path is trunk/examples/chipmunk.

Have a look at the video!

Chipmunk's source code was added to Scrupp's source tree a while ago. The Lua library Werechipmunk is used to access the features of Chipmunk from Lua/Scrupp scripts. It was added to Scrupp a while ago as well, but heavily modified since then. Documentation is still missing, but the examples should get you started until proper documentation is available. No images are loaded from files, all graphics are generated during run-time using Cairo (as described in the manual).

February, 2nd, 2012

The development version supports LuaJIT!

The configure script automatically enables LuaJIT, if available on the system.

October, 17th, 2011

The latest SVN revisions are now available as pre-built binaries for Mac OS X. So there is no need to compile anything, if one wants to use the latest development version on Mac OS X. We recommend to use the latest development version instead of the rather old stable release.

More information on the download page.

September, 29th, 2011

You can follow Scrupp on Twitter.

October 30th, 2010

Windows users can now use the latest development version of Scrupp without compiling! The SVN revisions are finally available as pre-built binaries. Check out the new features!

More information on the download page.

October 30th, 2010

A new development environment (IDE) for Windows is available!

More information

September 6th, 2009

Release of Scrupp v0.4! Changes:

	- including the cairo binding lua-oocairo
	  by Geoff Richards
	- including the network library LuaSocket
	  by Diego Nehab
	- support for MPEG-1 movie playback
	- using autotools for easier compilation and 
	  installation on Linux
	- text interface supports UTF8 strings
	  (Michal Kolodziejczyk)
	- Lua commands 'dofile' and 'require' support 
	  the virtual filesystem
	- new functions to manipulate the OpenGL state:
	  translate, scale, rotate, save, restore and 
	  reset the state
	- support for image loading from strings
	  (e.g. received via network)


October 24th, 2008

Scrupp v0.2 is finally released! Changes:

	- full support for Mac OS X
	- nice message boxes for errors + traceback 
	  on Mac OS X (with Carbon) and Windows
	- resizable windows
	- scaling and rotation of images and graphics
	- images can be colorized
	- all keys are represented by simple strings	
	- changed namespace from 'game' to 'scrupp'
	- removed the mouse and key table;
	  all functions moved to 'scrupp' namespace
	- added scrupp.setDelta(delta) 
	  to set the minimum delta between two frames
	- new plugins: font, timer
	+ many more


June 13th, 2008

Scrupp v0.1 is out! Binaries for Windows and a source package for Linux (and maybe other platforms) are available on the download page.


The best way to get in contact is the forum.

A mailing list is available as well. Messages about SVN commits are posted there. See for details.

Or you may contact me directly: andreas dot krinke at gmx dot de

Comments are welcome!

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